The Crocheted Horse

The Coffee and Crochet group is making a crocheted horse to be unveiled at Horses at Work day on 13th August. About 25 ladies plus 1 gentleman have been busy making 4″ granny squares to cover a wire frame. It is life size and will be installed in the Island Warehouse for all to admire. There is to be a competition to give it a name which will run during the summer. Visitors will be able to suggest names and the members of the Coffee and Crochet group will choose their favourite. The winning name will be embroidered on to the noseband of the horse’s halter and the person who suggested the name will be invited to put the halter on the horse during the Horses at Work day. Final details have to be confirmed so watch this space for more information soon.

Photo of progress so far. Taken on 7-3-17 by Chris Bacon. Sandra Porter is holding the tail in place.